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Dubai’s public transport is both a safe and cost-effective way to reach Dubai World Trade Centre from key locations around the city

Dubai’s public transport is both a safe and cost-effective way to reach Dubai World Trade Centre from key locations around the city

With our own dedicated metro station, Dubai’s metro system is a quick and efficient option when visiting our venue. The world’s longest driverless train system is clean, quiet and fully air conditioned. Trains run every few minutes, from 5 am to 11 pm using a Nol Card, which can be obtained easily from any station. Similar to many transport systems around the world, just swipe your Nol Card at the entrance of the platform.

You may also want to combine your metro trip with a ride on one of Dubai’s many bus routes. For specific journey planning to and from Dubai World Trade Centre, visit the link below.

Metered taxis are easy to find, regulated, clean and comfortable. They also provide a great opportunity to take in the sights of the city..

With more than 5,300 RTA taxis available, hailing a cab is never a problem. Almost all drivers are familiar with our location and the various drop off points around Dubai World Trade Centre. Female passengers can also opt for a Ladies-only taxi, should they prefer to. When required, you can book a taxi in advance by calling +971 4 208 0808.

Fares start at 5 AED or 12 AED if pre-booked and most taxis in Dubai are now equipped to take credit card payment.

Dubai offers two private taxi services, Careem and Uber. Both offer a pre-paid service through their apps, and convenient pick and drop locations have been established throughout the venue.

Private Taxi’s and on-demand transport services are growing in popularity and are readily available in Dubai. If you already have a Careem or Uber app from another country, the same app can be used to book your ride in Dubai.

If you are unfamiliar with Careem orUber , both companies offer downloadable apps for both Andriod and iOS platforms. They are easy to use and offer convenient payment options using your credit card or cash if you prefer. Passengers are able to select different car categories including sustainable and oversized vehicles.

Prefer to drive yourself to Dubai World Trade Centre? Choose from among six paid car parks, two free car parks and onsite valet services.

If you prefer to travel by car, we have direct access from the city’s main highway, Sheikh Zayed Road, with a direct gateway to all areas of Dubai and the wider UAE. We work closely with the transport authority to manage major event traffic by road and ensure seamless access for visitors with minimum interruption to traffic flow.

Dubai World Trade Centre has several car parks, including paid and free options with a total of 7,530 parking spaces. Parking bays for electric cars are also available with charging stations. You can find the location of all our car parks on the map below.

Source: DWTC